Hello and welcome!

I’m Sadhu, a Sex & Relationship Coach, and this is Empowerment Through Eros for Men!

Welcome to Empowerment Through Eros (EtE) for Men

My men’s offerings support you to dive into your erotic life-force and live from this rich place of aliveness in you!

Areas in which I support men

Developing ejaculatory choice and control

Navigating erection issues
Celebrating the penetrating power of your penis
Exploring your anus and prostate
Releasing internalized homophobia
Healing your boyhood wounding
Embracing & celebrating your sexual preferences
Fully welcoming yourself in life as a man who has sex with men!

Here are some of my offerings!

TRANS­FORMATIONAL SESSIONS. Work with me one to one or as a couple, in powerfully transformative sessions that deeply connect you with your body & sexuality, your choice making power, and the flow of your desire.

WORKSHOPS & TRAININGS. Deeply meet, nourish, and enjoy yourself in a group, whilst cultivating skills to embody & express your sexuality, and relate to others with greater intimacy and authenticity.

I also appear worldwide at FESTIVALS. Join me across the globe for festivals and conferences that raise the vibration of love in your body & out in the world!

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