Er0tic Play Circle 4 GBTQ+ Men Weekend (6-7 July 2024)


Er0tic Play Circle 4 GBTQ+ Men Weekend (6-7 July 2024)



Relax into er0tic open play space with other GBTQ+ men from a place of presence, connectedness, and self care!

Welcome to this juicy space of exploration of your desire and pleasure in sharing touch and intimacy with other GBTQ+ men!

Voyeurs, exhibitionists, lovers of freedom of er0tic expression!

Come and own your pleasure & s∈xuality witnessed, appreciated, and enjoyed by other GBTQ+ men!

Er0tic Play Circle 4 GBTQ+ Men is a delicious combination of guided circle practices and processes that unfolds into er0tic open play space!

It is a rich opportunity to deepen your connection to your er0ticism and the many flavours of your turn ons!

You will enjoy time to ground, centre, connect with your desire, and play, in smaller circles of men, before we turn up the heat in spicy whole group circle games, and then eventually expand as a whole group into er0tic open play space.

You will build skills in expressing & exploring your desires and in negotiating man to man body contact & connection, based on your desires.

In this event you will experience a gradual progression from workshop space into er0tic open play space.

In workshop space you will be lead and instructed in circle exercises by Sadhu.

In open play space you are invited to co-create the er0tic play experiences that you mutually desire with other men in the group, inside of the er0tic playground we build together as a group. 

Our open play space er0tic playground will feature various elements for intimate body to body exploration.

In open play space Sadhu and his team are available to support you as and when needed. In open play space, Sadhu will hold an overview of the space but will no longer instruct you through specific practices.

Saturday will begin by us establishing a clear agreement field that supports you in feeling safer in the space, and in your er0tic exploration with other GBTQ+ men. 

Saturday will culminate in er0tic open play space and then a short cool down before sleeping.

Sunday is a day of deepening into er0tic open play space, where you’re invited and supported to surf juicier edges in your er0tic expression and exploration.


Food will be incorporated into the Er0tic Play Circle experiences. Please bring some food to share on both days (preferably vegan and gluten free).

Sleeping over on Saturday night is highly recommended to support you in deeply immersing in the Er0tic Play Circle experience. This is however optional and an additional cost of €20.

Join me for this progressive, step by step journey into er0tic open play space and embody the free flow of your desire with other GBTQ+ men!

Come and get seriously playful with your man to man pleasure!


About Sadhu

Sadhu is a powerfully present, clear, warm, and playful facilitator and space-holder, and brings expertise in ritual process, er0tic empowerment, embodiment practices, and shadow work. He is a s∈x and relationship coach who works with individuals, couples, and groups in Amsterdam and internationally.

Read more about Sadhu:



This is a GBTQ+ event that is open to any adult who identifies as a man!

You may experience many of the practices and processes in this Er0tic Play Circle as homoer0tic.

You are never required to touch or be touched by someone you don’t wish to share touch with, or be touched in any way that is not of your choosing. You are always encouraged to play within your boundaries. And, I invite you to open to, and explore the possibilities of experience you can create when you let go of preconceived ideas.

In this event I ask you to take full responsibility for the choices you make in how you participate.

You’ll be encouraged to focus on your experience of your own er0tic energy in your body, and to move authentically with what is alive in you.

At this event you can wear as much or as little clothing as you want.

This is a drug and alcohol-free space.



Regular Price – €215

Early-bird – €185 – before Thursday, 25th April 2024.

Abundance Price – €250 – for those on a higher income – this supports Sadhu to make the event available for more people on a low income.

Low Income – €150 – for men currently experiencing financial difficulties. 5 low income tickets available – please contact Sadhu.

Sleepover – €20 – bring cash and bedding.

RSVP now! Spaces are limited.

Registration is complete and your place confirmed once your payment is received.

No one is turned away for lack of funds. Please contact Sadhu ( to discuss low-income price options.



Account Name: Exalted Heart

Bank: ASN

Account No: NL79 ASNB 0783 2167 34


When paying via bank transfer please write your name and ‘Play Circle’ in the payment description box. 

Please also inform me that you have made payment via bank transfer by email to, so I can then send you the workshop logistics email. Thank you.


Cancellations made more than 28 days in advance of the event will receive a full refund minus a €25 administration fee. Cancellations made 28 days or less before the event will be charged in full. In unavoidable circumstances, Sadhu may, at his own discretion, give a partial refund or transfer your payment to a future event (minus a €25 administration fee).



Please arrive at least 15minutes before start time to allow for set up

Doors open 30minutes before start time. If you know you tend to run late then aim to get here when the doors open, 30minutes before the start time.

Things To Bring:

Please bring a blanket, sheet, large towel, and water bottle.

Please wear stretchable, comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely – you may also want to wear clothing that makes you feel s∈xy. 

Nudity is very welcome!

For sleeping over: 

Please bring €20 cash to make payment.

Please bring a pillow and sleeping bag or duvet (mattresses and extra blankets are provided)


Please bring some food to share (preferably vegan and gluten free).

Food suggestions: chocolate, dips, vegetable sticks, crackers, berries, mangoes & other fruits, falafel, biscuits/cookies, nuts, breads…..etc, etc, etc. Please surprise us all with your food selection!

Food will be incorporated into the Er0tic Play Circle experiences.



*14:00 Doors Open

*14:30 Start (prompt)

*22:30 Finish

*23:30 Bedtime (for sleepover participants)


*08:30 Wake Up (for sleepover participants)

*09:00 Doors Open

*09:30 Start (prompt)

*16:00 Finish

It is important that you stay to the end of this event. If you have plans afterwards, please make sure you allow yourself time to transition out of the Er0tic Play Circle 4 GBTQ+ Men Weekend experience.

The venue address is:

De Ruimte, Weesperzijde 79a, 1091 EJ, Amsterdam.

We will be in the upstairs space.